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Water Management – Solar-Powered Ultrasonic Flowmeter (Türkiye)

For flow measurement application in the Aegean rural area where electrical power is not accessible, solar-powered ultrasonic flowmeter is provided as an effective flow-metering and monitoring management

Country: Turkey
Industry: Water Management

The Situation

In the city of Usak, the amount of rainfall per square meter is very high due to the seasonal changes, and as a conclusion the water levels in the ponds need to be managed in those rural areas. Water drainage and management is already carried out with the help of DN200, DN350 pvc and DN600 cast-iron pipelines. To measure the amount of flow and create a seasonal statistical data, may help the decision-making for the further investments. However, the steep terrain and the absence of any infrastructure cause a problem of where to find the necessary resources to feed the flow instruments. Whatever type of instrument is selected, a renewable energy source needs to be used.


Ultrasonic  flow-measuring method is selected as the most suitable measuring method for the existing pipelines. Three BCUF series ultrasonic flowmeters are implemented for different pipelines. Suitable solar panels are selected, cables are laid and system is activated. Solar panels are to be well positioned towards to the southeast direction to get the best solar energy.  Eventhough the harsh terrain conditions are faced, it is the fact that a very productive solution with high accuracy rate is presented without increasing variable costs.

Main Benefits

• The most efficient way has been established to monitor the instant and total flow.
• Maintenance-free, thus, low operation cost
• Statistics-based  and rational decision-making data is provided for investment projects in the region.