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Food Plant Tank Level Monitoring (Turkey)

Ultrasonic level transmitter is inconsistent with the process parameters has been replaced by LPRS-K-01 Radar Level Transmitter which is in accordance with fluid characteristics and provides reliable continuous level monitoring.

Country: Turkey
Industry: Food Industry

The Situation

In a food plant in Istanbul, maintenance engineering team make a request of continuous level measurement of the fluid in liquid phase in their process tank. Any measurement and/or readings are not reliable with the already-purchased instrument on the line. Considering the environment and fluid conditions, the liquid evaporates and significant degree of fluid vapor are observed on the liquid surface due to chemical reactions in the tank. This problem was misleading the ultrasonic level technology.  Radar level technology with an appropriate frequency is proposed to that application and it corresponds to corrosive characteristics of the fluid and height of the tank.


LPRS-K-01 series with a 26 GHz radar antenna technology which is compatible with corrosive fluids selected for the liquid fluid in the tank. That technology is suitable for intense evaporation seen in the tank. The current ultrasonic level transmitter has been replaced by LPRS-K-01 radar level transmitter is able to operate between -40°C ... 120° celcius and up to 20 meters-depth.

Main Benefits

• Monitoring process has began to provide reliable data.
• The vapor in the tank misleads the level of the liquid, thanks to LPRS-K-01; actual level of liquid becomes knowable.
• Optimized calibration process. 
• Ease of use 
• Major time savings

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