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Passion for Automation

We Are Professional, Competitive And Competent In Our Service Alternative products, alternative solutions for the need of each process..
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   In this section, a selection of images are offered as free of charge. Those images are the corporate name, logo, banners and some printed media.
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Uskon Logo - Commercial Title

Uskon Commercial Title

Uskon Logo - Integrated

Logo + Commercial Title

Agenda Design - Leather

Uskon Agenda

Duravis Logo (Light)

Pantone 298C - Pantone 422C

Duravis Logo (Dark)

Pantone 2955C - Pantone Cool Gray 9C

Uskon Corporate - Wallpaper(1366x768)

Resolution (1366x768)

Uskon Corporate - Wallpaper(1920x1080)

Resolution (1920x1080)

Reliable Solutions For Process Automation

Control and Measuring Instruments

Duravis Mini Motorized Valves

220VAC, 24VDC, Fail-Safe and Timer Controlled Versions...

Duravis Pneumatic Actuators

18 Different Sizes, 5 Different Body Options, Durability Against Harsh Conditions

Duravis...Supporting Your Sustainability!

Flexibility, Trustworthy, Professional Customer Services, Product Reliability...

Duravis Electric Actuated Valves

On-Off and Proportional Control Options