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  Case Stories

8 October 2015 Water Management – Solar-Powered Ultrasonic Flowmeter (Türkiye)
For flow measurement application in the Aegean rural area where electrical power is not accessible, solar-powered ultrasonic flowmeter is provided as an effective flow-metering and monitoring management More

15 May 2015 Machine Manufacturer - Textile Dyeing/Washing Machine(Turkey)
By-pass type magnetic level transmitter has been replaced by Mesens MPS555 Series differential pressure transmitter. The total equipment cost has been reduced by %45. Possible unplanned damages during the outbound logistics have been prevented due to the small design. Moreover, after-sales services have become more flexible. More

11 April 2015 Food Plant Tank Level Monitoring (Turkey)
Ultrasonic level transmitter is inconsistent with the process parameters has been replaced by LPRS-K-01 Radar Level Transmitter which is in accordance with fluid characteristics and provides reliable continuous level monitoring. More

28 March 2015 Textile Plant Dyeing Process Line (Turkey)
Previously, quarter-turn valves which are automated by pneumatic pistons, changed by DURAVIS PAR Series switches-boxed pneumatic actuated butterfly valves to reduce maintenance costs and increase efficiency More

3 January 2015 Local Water And Sewerage Administration (Turkey)
Significant benefits from the usage of BSUF-TTCL & BSUF-TTPR Series Ultrasonic Flowmeter, reveals the water-leakages on the main pipeline. More