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Local Water And Sewerage Administration (Turkey)

Significant benefits from the usage of BSUF-TTCL & BSUF-TTPR Series Ultrasonic Flowmeter, reveals the water-leakages on the main pipeline.

Country: Turkey
Industry: Water & Wastewater Management

The Situation

Considerable degree of loss of water has been found along the water supply line which is under the management of a local water and sewerage administration. There are remarkable differences between flow-rates at start and end points of the pipelines. To investigate possible causes, several measurement methods have been tried by administration but didn’t manage to obtain an accurate data from the field. USKON technical staff recommend to make flow measurements at various points on the pipelines.

In terms of installation of the flowmeters; the measuring points have  technical difficulties caused by terrain conditions.  Flow measurement are envisaged at 4 different diameter sizes such as DN1500, DN1400, DN800, DN700; at 30 different points. As the carbonsteel pipelines are under the ground mostly, the ultrasonic flowmeter measurement probes were placed on pipeline after some digging and grinding process. A portable generator was brought to the field for continous power supply. Measurement points along the pipeline; are targeted different conditions; in open area, in the roadside, in a forest area even sometimes in a closed area.

It was envisaged to determine the quantity of flow of the springs that feed the city on daily, hourly and average water flow-rate basis. After confirming remarkable difference between start and end points, it was decided to determine the amount of the leakage and water loss. The estimated value of the analysis carried out so far, which then made the net figure and was advised to take the necessary measures. Thus, by determining the possible causes of the leakages; it is able to calculate costs and benefits of the investments to be made.


Flow measurement at 30 different points with portable and fixed type BSUF-TTCL & BSUF-TTPR

Main Benefits

• Elimination of the water leakages and unauthorized tappings at 30 different points
• Fully integrated software management system
• Minimised labour cost and flexibility thanks to portable flow measurement
• Calculation of precise investment budget for the pipelines
• Obtain history reports and analysis
• Short investment payback time(ROI)

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