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Machine Manufacturer - Textile Dyeing/Washing Machine(Turkey)

By-pass type magnetic level transmitter has been replaced by Mesens MPS555 Series differential pressure transmitter. The total equipment cost has been reduced by %45. Possible unplanned damages during the outbound logistics have been prevented due to the small design. Moreover, after-sales services have become more flexible. 

Country: Turkey
Industry: Machine Manufacturer(Original Equipment Manufacturer)

The Situation

A major textile washing-machines manufacturer located in Corlu, used to use a by-pass type magnetic level transmitter. This product used to connect the minimum and maximum level points of the wash tank from the outside. And there is an extra pipeline parallel to the level transmitter. As it is not an ergonomic design, as well as increased-shipping cost, some damages occur during the shipment of the machinery. Apart from that, in case of a failure or a-new one is needed; it is quite costly to deliver it to the customer. Technically; by-pass type magnetic level transmitter consist of reed relays and this makes a resolution at every 15-20mm. This performance is far below the expectations.


When all the expectations and requirements are taken into consideration; it is recommended the manufacturer that it is better to discard  by-pass type level transmitters. As an innovative solution; taking 20 times less space and providing 4-20mA output, Mesens MPS555 series have been presented. There is no need for an extra LCD process indicator, signal has been received on main controller and enable for visual monitoring.

Main Benefits

• The equipment has been switched to a product with higher sensivity and accuracy.
• Total equipment cost has been reduced by %45.
• Being more ergonomic and small in size minimizes the degree of impact of unplanned damages.
• Outbound logistics costs have sharply been decreased.
• As MPS555 has no moving parts or float, problems stemming from the possibility of fluid density was eliminated.
• By reason of the fact that resolution is transferred to the controller-display, quality has also been improved.
• In need of spare-parts; low-cost and quick delivery of equipment become possible.

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