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DURAVIS Enclosing Tubes for Solenoid Valves

(Enclosing Tubes / Armatures)
ESV & EPV Solenoid & Pulse Valves
Type      : 2/2 or 3/2 Way
Position : N.C. or N.O.
Material: Brass or Stainless Steel
* Normally-open enclosing tubes are set with their cores.

Solenoid valves generally consist of a body, an enclosing tube, a plunger and a coil (for pilot operated valves, it also includes cover and diaphragm additionally).

The valve enclosing tube contains the valve plunger / core inside. Valve coil is mounted onto the enclosing tube. Thus, with the coil energized or de-energized according to the model, the plunger moves with the help of the magnetic field. 

For normally closed valves, there are two types (2 way and 3 way) of the enclosing tubes. Normally open enclosing tubes are presented as a complete set of enclosing tube, core and spring since they have a more specific structure than the others. You can use the following selection table for selection of spare parts or you can refer to DURAVIS technical catalog.

If you are going to do the valve maintenance yourself; for your own safety, please follow the steps in the user manual.

Model No / Order Coding:
CodeDescriptionDURAVIS Valve To Be Used
ESP-SV-030             Enclosing Tube, 2/2 Way Normally Closed 2 Way ESV Solenoid Valves and EPV Pulse Valves
ESP-SV-031    Enclosing Tube, 3/2 Way Normally Closed 3 Way ESV Solenoid Valves 
ESP-SV-050 N.O. Enclosing Tube 2/2 Way Set + 1-3mm 2/2 N.O. Plunger Normally Open 2 Way ESV Solenoid Valves (Enclosing Tube + Plunger Set)
ESP-SV-051                     N.O. Enclosing Tube 2/2 Way Steam Stainless Steel Set + 1-3mm 2/2 Way N.O. Plunger               Normally Open 2 Way ESV Steam Solenoid Valves (Enclosing Tube + Plunger Set)

If you can not find the replacement spare-part in the above table; please refer to our technical catalog for more options.